Mr. Ahmet ARSLAN, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (Turkey)
Mr. Renato MAZZONCINI, Chairman of the UIC and CEO of FS Group (Italy)


Mr. İsa APAYDIN, Chairman of the Board and Director General of TCDD and
                                Vice-Chairman of the UIC

Mr. Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX, General Director of the UIC


Mr. Ali İhsan UYGUN, Deputy General Director / TCDD
Mr. Aşır KILIÇASLAN, Head of International Relations Department / TCDD 
Ms. Rana PEKIN, International Relations Department / TCDD 
Dr. Gökhan ÖLMEZ, Managing Director / CMSProject 
Mr. Paul VERON, Director / UIC 
Mr. Hervé AUBERT, Communications Department/ UIC 
Ms. Marie PLAUD-LOMBARD Director of Communications / UIC
Mr. Marc GUIGON, Director of the Passenger Department / UIC 
Mr. Francis BEDEL, Chief Digital Officer/ UIC 



Chairman: Prof. Andrew McNAUGHTON, Chairman of the UIC Intercity & HS Committee and  Technical Director HS2 (UK)

Vice Chairman: Mr. Ali İhsan UYGUN, Deputy Director General of TCDD (Turkey)
Vice Chairman: Dr. HE HUAWAN, Chief Engineer, CR (China)
Mr. Michel LEBOEUF, Honorary Chairman of the UIC Intercity & HS Committee
Mr. Huo BAOSHI, Director of Science and Technology Department, CR (China)
Ms. Arja AALTO, Senior Advisor International Affairs, FTA (Finland)
Mr. Alexis de POMMEROL, Director General Oc'Via (France)
Mr. Christian CURTOIS, Chief of Electrifications, SNCF Réseau (France)
Ms Stéphanie JUNG, Director of Big Projects and Prospective, SNCF Mobility (France)
Mr. Ottmar GREIN, Senior Advisor DB Consulting and Engineering (Germany)
Mr. Vahid ALIGHARDASHI, Director General Infrastructure, RAI (Iran)
Mr. Abbas NAZARI, Director General & International Affairs, RAI (Iran)
Mr. Alberto MAZZOLA, Head of International Affairs, FS Group (Italy)
Mr. Federico MEDA, Responsible for International Affairs, NTV (Italy)
Mr. Daniele COLOMBO, Head of Competitive Positioning, Trenitalia (Italy)
Ms. Izumi OSAWA, Senior Manager International Affairs, East Japan Rail (Japan)
Mr. Choon Soo PARK, Director HS Railroad Systems, Korail (South Korea)
Mr. Mohammed SMOUNI, General Director for Infrastructures and Operations, ONCF (Morocco)
Mr. Sanae RAISSOUNI, Responsible for Big Projects, ONCF (Morocco)
Mr. Lars Erik NYBO, Assistant Director, JBV (Norway)
Dr. Andrzej ZURKOWSKI, General Director IK (Poland)
Mr. Jan RACZYNSKI, Project manager IK (Poland)
Mr. Alexey AVERIN, Personal Advisor to the President, RZD (Russia)
Mr. César LÓPEZ-SÁNCHEZ, General Director Fundación Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spain)
Mr. Eduardo ROMO, General Director Fundacion Caminos de Hierro (Spain)
Mr. Imanol LEZA, General Director EuskoTren (Spain)
Mr. Joaquín JIMENEZ-OTERO, International Affairs Department, ADIF (Spain)
Mr. Victorino PEREZ-FERNANDEZ, International Affairs Department Renfe Operadora (Spain)
Mr. Sergio BARCENA, Head of Rolling Stock, Eurostar (France/UK)
Mr. Theresa CLARKE, Head of Operability, HS2 (UK)
Mr. Peter GERTLER, Chairman of the Intercity & HSR Committee, APTA (USA)
Dr. Marc ANTONI, Director of the Rail System Department, UIC
Mr. Jerzy WISNIEWSKI, Director, Coordinator for Middle East Region, UIC 
Mr. Kenzo FUJITA, Senior Advisor Passengers & HSR Department, UIC
Mr. ZHAO Zhangshan, Deputy Director of International Affairs, CARS (China)
Mr. Juhyung LEE, Senior Advisor Passengers & HSR Department, UIC
Mr. Murat KAVAK, Deputy Director General of TCDD (Turkey)
Dr. Fatih SARIKOÇ, Deputy Head of Railway Modernization Department, TCDD (Turkey)

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